Best Earplugs For Drummers

Best Earplugs For Drummers

Best Earplugs For Drummers

The hearing protection is actually considered as a really important piece of drummers. As a drummer, your hearing may be damaged by the drum kit over time. You should use the audience earplugs. They can help you not only enjoy the music but also protect your hearing at the same time.

Most importantly, you need to choose the best earplugs for drummers in order not to damage your health. In this post, we will give you some important things to consider when choosing the best earplugs for the drummer. Also, we will list the best earplugs for drummers on the market today.

Things to look for


This factor is used to describe the accuracy of sound reproduction. The speakers that come with high fidelity will produce clear sound without sounding garbled. Sure, you want to look for one that can keep the original sound as clear as possible. When wearing the ordinary earplug in your ear, you will get unclear sounds. On the contrary, a high-fidelity earplug can be able to maintain the quality of the original sound well.

Choose durable and comfortable material

It’s a great idea to look for ones made of silicone. In fact, these earplugs don’t shrink or change size. In addition, it’s also important to know how the plugs are molded when looking for the best ear protection. Make sure the product you choose doesn’t disturb the sound quality.

Choose the right fit

Nowadays, there are three main kinds of earplugs available. They include off-the-shelf plugs, in-ear monitor, and custom molded earplugs. The favorite choice of professionals for decades is the custom molded earplugs. But, they are more expensive than others. The ear protections have to come with no sound leakage in it.

Best Earplugs For Drummers

WESTONE Tru Universal WM16

This is the first choice. It’s great for musicians because of its special design. It’s famous for its ability to protect our hearing. This product comes with 1 set of large plugs, 1 travel case, 1 set of TRU filters, and medium plugs. They are available in 2 sizes. So, it’s easy to choose the one fit. It makes sure you feel comfortable when wearing.

Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

This unit is designed to fit the exact shape of your ear. That’s why it’s one choice of our list today. It’s not difficult to use it. You just need to heat the Decibullz molds in boiling water. Then, make them cool for a bit. And, it can shape your ears. This is also the only choice that is re-moldable on the market today. This product comes with 3 Triple Flange Tips, 2 Decibullz Thermoplastic Custom Molds, Earplug Carrying Pouch with Decibullz Logo, and 1 set of Max Protect Foam Tips.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians

The Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs is a good choice when it comes to the best products for hearing protection now. They can be able to give users a loud reduction rating of up to 21 decibels.They can also maintain the full spectrum of sound. It’s easy to insert them into your ears because of the convenient pull tabs. In addition, these earplugs have a lightweight aluminum case. So, it’s easy to transport them.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing Protection System for Musicians

The Alpine Musicsafe Pro Hearing Protection System company is well known for the Red Dot Award 2015 for the design of the newest earplugs. It can help to protect musician’s hearing. They are available in three exchangeable filter sets. So, they are perfect for low, medium and high protection. Especially, it’s simple to clean theses earplugs just with soap and rinse in the lukewarm water. The product comes with special filters. They help to prevent hearing loss. At the same time, they can still preserve sound quality.

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs

For the end of our list, we introduce you the Etymotic research ER20 ETY-plugs. They are designed with a special case. So, they allow you to easily store them. Indeed, you even can keep them just with a cord. This choice gives you a noise reduction up to about 20 dB. But, they don’t ensure to completely block out the sound. They can help to save your hearing. Its sizes can be suitable for most ear canals. It’s a reusable choice. The product comes with neck cord and carrying case. But this unit is not the choice for gunfire, swimming, or sleeping.


We’ve just listed the best choices of earplugs for hearing protection on the market these days. As a drummer, you will want to look for the quality hearing protection. Hopefully, our sharing is useful for you. Hope they can help you to deal with your hearing protection buying issues. Then, you can purchase the best earplugs you need.

Top Acoustic-Electric Guitars

If you want to land a great acoustic-electric guitar without spending too much, this post is for you. In this article, we will introduce you the list of best Acoustic-Electric guitar under $500. There are a wide range of outstanding options to choose from such as Seagull, Ovation, Yamaha, Fender, and Ibanez.

They promise to give you high-end guitars for professionals. Also, they are moderately priced for working folks. The purpose of this post is to help you find the best acoustic-electric guitar for your budget as well as your needs.

Guitar vs Electronics

Actually, there are a lot of guitars under $500 for you to choose from. So, it’s not easy to choose the best one. Here are two issues to consider:

The Guitar

Sure, most people are looking for a great acoustic guitar sounding outstanding on its own. You need to consider a pure acoustic guitar, like craftsmanship, tonewoods, and quality.

The Electronics

When considering acoustic-electric guitars, it’s best to choose one that is easy to access. Also, it has to come with flexible tone-shaping options.

Now, we will introduce you the following suggestions from some of the best guitar builders on the market today. They are impressive because of their sound and specs, in addition to their great price. If you find it hard to choose a new acoustic-electric guitar yourself, you should start here.

1. Yamaha FGX730SC

This model is well known for high-quality acoustic guitars. They are a great value for the beginner as well as intermediate players. This is also a great choice because of their affordable prices. They are very popular these days. And, it’s also easy to understand the reason for this. This model comes in at a very affordable price. The guitar has a solid Sitka Spruce top, Nato neck, Rosewood back and sides, as well as a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It ensures to give you a great acoustic.

2. Epiphone EJ-200CE

This guitar is another choice of some excellently affordable guitars for intermediate players. This model comes with a legacy dating back over seven decades. It offers a classic look and sound. This option is a little different from some of the other guitars in this post. The guitar is a great combination of the block inlays and pickguard. The guitar’s body comes with a solid spruce top.

Once you are learning about acoustic guitars, you can’t ignore maple. This is an interesting tonewood. It actually takes a backseat to mahogany and rosewood. This guitar creates a tight sound. That’s why it works well with larger-bodied guitars.

The guitar comes with enough technology to get any modern guitarist thanks to a gig. The guitar is considered as a unique choice.

3. Ibanez Exotic Woods

The Ibanez Exotic Woods brings guitar players some great guitars. They include both acoustic and electric guitars. But, it’s not easy to look for anything prettier than the Exotic Woods series. They are great choices to make a statement when you mention both look and sound. And, this is always considered to be top-notch when learning about intermediate-level instruments.

The Ibanez Exotic Woods comes with a good-looking single-cutaway body shape. Its back, top, and sides are made of some types of woods such as Sapele, Ovangkol, Figured Ash, or Zebrawood. Each model comes with a mahogany neck as well as a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

In addition, each model has a pretty fingerboard inlay. Each tonewood will offer a different sound to each guitar. For instance, Sapele gives you a deep tone similar to mahogany. And, Figured Ash will offer a brighter sound.

4. Seagull Entourage CW QI

This is one of the best guitar brands from the Great White North. It’s not easy to look for guitars in this price range. But, the Seagull Entourage is found in Canada. It comes with Canadian wild cherry back and sides. The guitar has a select, rosewood fingerboard, pressure-tested solid spruce top, and bridge.

Also, the guitar comes with an interesting headstock design. It is a combination of a saddle transducer and electret microphone. They have the purpose of picking up the sound. Thanks to this setup, you can blend the sounds through a rotary control on the preamp.

Moreover, the guitar offers some additional preamp features such as bass and treble, a built-in tuner, and volume. This is a great choice for any intermediate guitarist.

5. Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44

This model comes with a unique design. When choosing the Ovation Celebrity CE44, you will get some very useful preamp controls. The guitar has Ovation’s Lyrachord mid-depth body. Plus, it features a multi-sound-hole design.

In addition, the guitar comes with a solid spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge, as well as nato neck. It has not only Ovation’s Slim Line pickup but also the OP-4BT preamp.

If you want a guitar for maintaining the character of a true acoustic guitar, this model is not good for you. Instead, this is a great choice for going color your sound through an acoustic amp.

Tips for Choosing Oil Diffuser for Travel

One of the most appealing things about your home may be the aroma that wafts through it. Essential oil diffusers are great to keep your space neat, inviting, and clean. They come with different models and styles. Furthermore, you can also use them as a great gift.

There is a wide range of reasons why diffusers are considered as popular among homemakers as well as interior decorators these days. They can be used to control humidity and moisture. So, they help to reduce chances of dry skin, sinuses, and itchy eyes. Take a look at this article to learn how to choose the best essential oil diffuser.

Choosing Oil Diffuser for Travel

What is an essential oil diffuser?

Diffusing essential oils actually is one of the most common ways to use essential oils.The diffuserspreads the essential oil of your option throughout your room or house for the time you choose.It can be able to create a very inviting fragrance. Actually, this fragrance is safe. But, you need to use it properly.

The most popular type

According to Hope Gillerman, an essential oils expert, it’s a great idea to use an ultrasonic diffuser.The ultrasonic diffuser is available in all price ranges. You can easily clean them. Especially, they don’t usually break. This type of diffuser can be able to vibrate quickly thanks to its electronic frequencies.

In fact, the diffuser creates an effectwithout the heat. The essential oilswill be broken down into tiny microparticles. Then, they will disperse into the air like a fine mist.

Prefer a stronger scent?

In order to have a stronger fragrance from your oils, we recommend you to choose a nebulizing diffuser instead. This unit vaporizes the oil before it releases in a mist. According to Gillerman, you can use a nebulizing diffuser for a more intense aroma, especially you are keen oncitrus oils.

You may have to pay $100 and up for them. In fact, they are made of glass. They require you to clean regularly in order to prevent clogging.

Avoid the heat

Nowadays, there are a lot of different diffusers on the market. That’s why it’s not easy to choose one for your home. You shouldn’t look for steam diffusers, hot plate diffusers, or candle diffusers because they disturbtheir delicate chemistry. According to Gillerman, heat may make your essential oils less effective. As a result, you need to use more to get results.

Traits of a good diffuser

You shouldn’t fixate on the cost if you want to choose a diffuser that is easy to clean. It should also come with a timer built in. This purposes to release the right amount of oil. The time increments are able to run for an hour or more. In addition, they offer the option of cycling on for. A good diffuser is capable of dispersing enough aroma to scent a room. This is extremely a great choice for those who have allergies. It can help.

The truth about car diffusers

Today, many people choose to buy car diffusers to have with them all the day, especially for their travel. But, Gillerman doesn’t agree with this. You should put the essential oils on the body instead of putting it in your car. In fact, there are the toxic perfumes or the off-gas from synthetic materials in your car. So, they may increase their harmful effects.

How much you should spend

At the end of the day, you need to get what can work best for you as well as your budget. The Sweethome chose the $20 Urpower 300ml Aroma Essential Dispenser. If you have a plan to use the diffuser for many years to come, the thing you need is investing in something a little sturdier, according to Libby Vlasic, a certified essential oil educator at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy in Manhattan. She advises us to choose the company called ArOmis.

This is really a great choice. It is made of glass and wood. In addition, it comes with vibration to diffuse the molecules in the essential oils. But, you just should use it for a while. Also, avoid heating elements as well as plastic materials.

How to use your diffuser

After you plug in the device, you have to fill the tank with water. But, some diffusers don’t depend on water. You should also put it in anywhere between 10-15 drops of oils. It’s just simply set the timer and enjoy.

Thanks to the instructions for most devices, you will determine how long the devices can be able to run before the tank goes dry. The fact is that these essential oils can help to ease anxiety.


As mentioned above, there are a lot of important aspects when it comes to choosing the best essential oil diffuser on the market. In fact, looking for a good diffuser for the family space is a difficult task. There is a wide range of choices available today.

So, it’s best to read user reviews as well as comments on any online store. In addition, you can also speak to friends so that you can certain something is the best for you. Because of multiple features and benefits, they are considered as a great investment for your home and friends.

What to Do When Your Dog Won’t Eat His Food

In fact, your dog may eat anything as well as everything he sees without a moment’s hesitation.On the contrary, some others just eat food that you put in front of them. Your dog may also don’t pay attention to his foods. Sometimes, he even won’t eat his food only human foods. Then, he will turn his nose up and walk. In this article, we will provide you some reasons and some simple tips to help your dog get the nutrition. Then, he can maintain health.

dog wont eat

Make Sure Your Dog is Healthy

Don’t say “my dog won’t eat” in order to make sure he has a good general health. If your dog develops a diminished appetite suddenly, it’s time to pay attention to him right away. You need to take him to your vet when he suffers from any problems such as losing weight recently, developing diarrhea or vomiting as well.

Your dog’s eating may become more difficult because of some problems with teeth and mouth. That’s why it’s important to check the mouth for growths, sores, foreign objects, and bad teeth. These problems can cause pain as well as discomfort for your dog. Of course, the most important thing you should do is to visit your vet for an examination.Then, your vet will help to make your dog’s appetite return quickly.

Dog Food Preferences and Bad Habits

If your dog’s health problem is not a cause, you need to focus on some bad habits by him. Feeding your dog extra treats is actually tastier and more interesting than a normal diet. So, this can cause a finicky appetite during his development over time. Don’t let many people in your household give your dog extra treats. Indeed, this can cause some serious issues such as obesity.

If you let your dog eat excessive table scrap, he will hold out until you feed him better something than dry food. It’s time for you to make some changes. At the same time, stop reinforcing the bad behavior. The fact is that feeding your dog excessive treats and table scraps just make him gain weight. And, he won’t get balanced nutrition from them. Instead, we recommend you to give him nutritionally balanced food with the right amount every day. By this way, your dog can maintain his health. So, it’s extremely important to make changes in this case.

Instead of feeding extra foods and treats, you should stick to his daily scheduled feeding routine. Feed him the right amount of food in a routine and wait. Try this the next day once he doesn’t eat his food. This way aims to encourage his appetite for his dog food. And, he will know that this is the only food he can get every day after a short time. Believe me!

Dog Food Choices and Feeding Methods

The first important thing you need to do is to check for the dog food. Make sure they are not spoiled or out of date before feeding your dog. This is also one of the most common reasons why your dog won’t eat his food. The foods you give him need to be safe, consistent, and nutritious.

If you change your dog’s food constantly, this can upset his digestive system. Once you intend to switch to a different flavor or dog food brand, you have to do this gradually. It’s best to mix them with some of the old food. And, your dog will just eat only new food over time. His appetite may be stimulated by a new flavor.

If your dog stops eating dry dog food, you can try some tricks to entice him to eat. For example, you can feed him another brand or flavor of food. But, they have to come with better taste. In order to make a flavor boost, you can mix in a tablespoon to dry kibbles.

Another way to your dog’s appetite is taking him for a good walk before mealtime. The best solution is making a daily walking schedule around a regular feeding time. By this way, you can help him associate the walk with his next mealtime.

Stay Positive and Patient

If your dog responds to your behavioral cues when eating, you can keep feeding time positive. This way purposes to provide positive reinforcement for your dog. Aside from that, you can also praise him when he eats. Remember you just should give him your attention after he completes the meal.

It’s great to leave your dog alone during his eating time. And, you can keep him from distractions from other animals. You should teach him to eat at certain regular times. Then, you will give him a good eating habit.

After all, it’s important to be patient with your pet. Also, you need to monitor him for signs of illness. If you have any problem with your dog, visit your vet to deal with.

5 Essential Tips To Calm A Dog For Grooming

Most of the people think it is a responsibility to take care of your dog. Bathing, grooming, cutting nails is the things we must do, and you think your dog should happily take it. In fact, these to your dog is the threats, they scare everything strange to them. As you can see, hardly a dog wags their tail when they are groomed. It is dog natural, however, if we try, we can change it, here are tips that will make you feel helpful.

Touching and massaging your dog frequently

If you feel it is hard to touch your dog, well, grooming them will more times harder. You need to create the bound between you and the dog. Without it, grooming your dog is nearly an impossible mission. Your dog will need to trust you; let you touch them before you intend to shave their coat.

Massaging your dog is a good way to give your dog time to get used to the touching. They can relax while you doing that. You can massage all their body as it is necessary for grooming work. As you groom your dog, you will move around their body, head, legs, tails, tummy,…

They actually don’t like it!!! If they resist, do not repeat right away, try to do it on the other time. If you insist on doing it, they will think you harm them. Take it easy, do not get hurried, you have plenty of time to prepare for the grooming.

Let them accept the grooming tools

The dog is unpleasant with the grooming tools, you need to let them discover the tools, it means that your dog should feel safe about the tools. In nature, the loud sound is the signal of the threat, when they hear the thunderous sound of the clippers, it is same. They need to figure out that is normal, there not thing to worry about it. Find the best professional dog clippers will cost more but it worth the money.

Some people share that scissoring or turning on the clippers before trimming and clipping their dog will draw their attention for a while, after that, they are boring, they do not care about it anymore. Some also suggest that you should do the grooming when your dog has just exercise because they are too exhausted to resist.

Choosing place is a matter

You can change the location you groom your dog from time to time. You might think this is nonsense, but not for your dog. The grooming repeats on the same location that will recall his bad feeling. These memories will make them think that every time you groom them, they will get hurt. Even though there is not thing happen to them because you are more careful than the last time, your dog is still nervous.
Changing place Is really worth it as your dog will not associate their new experience with something happen in the past. Consequently, they will not conclude that grooming is that scare, make your grooming work become so hard.

Do not use the leash

You might hear the advice from somebody that dog will move, they can run away from you when they hear the clipper sound. Help yourself, put a leash on your dog. That is not actually true. You should think back as it is really needed for your dog? If your dog is not too energetic, take it out since your dog will upset because of the leash.

Leave your dog free, they will appreciate that. It is clear that you feel completely uncomfortable and displeased when you have to remain one position for a long time, same for your dog. Don’t make them suffer that, it is unfair.
Also, you will need some position as well. Being in front of or on one side of your dog is okay, Nevertheless, never stand above them and hold them down.

Give them the treat

The treat is an important thing to keep your dog calm. You can feed them some food, which should be their favorite one. They need to be a reward because they desert that. You can give them the all treat after the task is done or in the other way, divide the food, give them a reward after a bath, brushing, and grooming. It depends on you, but make sure you reward them, this will change their thinking about grooming.

If your dog is overweight, toys are the alternative reward for your dog can be the toy, do not think the toy is not as attractive as the food. They love to be fed, but they even prefer playing. Playing with them will make them ease, they also need to release their energy. A good toy will be a good treat for them, food is the basis, they have more need than just the food, like you.

The Great Functions Of The Electronic Ear Muffs

Each product has a function which it can meet the needs of people. If it is really good you can be willing to spend a big money to choose. However, you must choose it to be suitable for your using purpose. At that time, you can know that it is good or not. I want to mention the electronic ear muffs because this product is widely used nowadays. Many people feel so strange with the electronic ear muffs. Actually, you can use ear muffs with the different purpose and of course, its price is so different. In this article, I want to share some great functions of the electronic ear muffs. I hope you will know a lot of information about earmuffs and their great functions. I think you will buy one suitable product after you read this writing.

The Different Purpose Of Electronic Ear muffs

Before most of the people who are hunters and policemen (for hunting and for shooting) want to use earmuffs to protect their hearing. Today, other people can use them because the electronic earmuffs have many different purposes such as:

  • Earmuffs were used in hunting and shooting
  • Some works also require using earmuffs
  • It is OK for sleeping;
  • It is a good idea for protecting the children

For hunting and shooting

Ear Muffs for Shooting

Ear Muffs for Shooting

In the United State, it is the obligatory to have the earmuffs or earplugs when hunting and shooting. The policy of the U.S always bases on the criteria for protecting the human health. However, you can use this equipment or not. It must depend on the awareness of each people. You will invest the earmuffs with good quality to protect your hearing or you can choose the cheaper types. Actually, you are passionate about guns you should consider the safety factor. It means you have to use the suitable tools to ensure your hearing.

There are a lot of choices for you because you can be easy to buy the electronic earmuffs or earplugs on the market. In addition, you can refer to some popular items before going to shop by reading more information about the electronic earmuffs in the field of hunting and shooting.

For working

Ear Muffs for Working

Ear Muffs for Working

It is very terrible when you must work in the noisy environment for a long time. I am sure that your hearing is also affected seriously. Therefore, you need to buy the electronic earmuffs. Some people said that the earmuffs will be very inconvenient in communication because they will be limited to hear when wearing this ear protection. But it is wrong thinking you can buy the best electronic ear muffs. You will feel normally after a period of use.

For sleeping

Sleeping Ear Muffs

Sleeping Ear Muffs

You are living with many people collectively or in the apartment building even the snore of husband you will feel very uncomfortable because you cannot fall asleep easily. All of them affect your sleep and your health so much. Thus, the electronic earmuffs are the best choice in this situation. They will help you eliminate all background noise.

Today, two best selling products of electronic earmuffs are the leightning lofs and the impact sports. Especially, their price is not so expensive to buy. You can choose the best suitable to ensure your sleep.

For protecting the children

According to the latest statistic, there are over 30 children out of 1000 people who are studying the school have some problem about hearing. Do you know the cause? Although we cannot determine the exact reasons the parents need to note to their children more. Besides, parents can choose the electronic earmuffs to support the hearing of children when they have some activities such as participate in the concerts, car races, football games…

All wonderful function above will be very important for users because you will decide that you should use the earmuffs or earplugs or not. In addition, you should share your using purpose when you go to earmuffs shop to buy. At that time, the salesman will offer some practical advice about the product. And you will select the most appropriate earmuffs

Some Types Of The Earmuffs

When knowing what is your using purpose you will buy some things easily. However, choosing earmuffs is not simple as you think. Thus, here are three popular types of the earmuffs which you should know:

Electronic Ear muffs

Electronic Ear Muffs

Electronic Ear Muffs

Most of the electronic equipment is often better than others. It can reduce the noise to the lowest level and the users still hear and feel comfortable.

However, the electronic earmuffs also have some disadvantages that they always require the batteries and you must charge it fully to ensure the necessary functions. In addition, the price of the electronic earmuffs is usually higher than the normal type.

Passive earmuffs

In fact, you can think that the passive earmuffs are simple tools and their purpose is to protect your hearing. They are also soft and easy to use.

Surely, the passive earmuffs cannot reduce the noise completely as the electronic earmuffs. Besides, their price will be cheaper. So depending on your needs you can choose one with high quality or the normal passive earmuffs.

In our life, many people like the passive earmuffs and they are the choice of them with two main reasons: the limited budget and less demand.

The specialty earmuffs

You can understand that the specialty earmuffs are the essentially electronic earmuffs that are combined a special feature.

Thus, the price of this product will have the high price than the electronic earmuffs. However, the specialty earmuffs are not as popular as two types above.


In summary, the functions of the electronic earmuffs are very great. Now you can know that you need to buy the earmuffs for your life or not. Each earmuff has a different purpose. However, all of them will protect your hearing effectively. In addition, there are three popular types of earmuffs for the different choices of users. I hope this article provides the plenty of information about the earmuffs and you will like it.

The Best Survival Flashlight. How To Pick It?

When you have a vacation in a far place you should have a survival flashlight in your bag. Moreover, in your camping or picnic, you want to stay overnight there it is really necessary to have the best survival flashlight. This is an indispensable tool for those who have a lot of experience for long journeys and long days. In our life, the emergency situations can happen any time and any place so that it is better to be prepared a survival flashlight. However, how is the best survival flash-light and how to pick one? Besides, you will know what features to distinguish the best flashlight with others. It will not be difficult for you after you read all information about the best survival flashlight in this article.

How To Pick The Best Survival Flashlight?

On the market, there are many types of survival flashlights to meet the user’s demand, besides they have many different price depending on the quality of product. Sometimes, the diversity of survival flashlight will make you become so difficult for your choice. You will save time after knowing some following criteria when choosing a survival flashlight.

Survival Flashlight

Survival Flashlight?

  1. The weight and size of survival flashlight

    Surely that you will consider the weight and size of a flashlight because you cannot choose a survival flashlight which it is so heavy and so big with your bag. Therefore, you must choose a flashlight with the suitable weight and size to limit the weight of bag as well as convenient to use.

    There are 3 sizes for your choices including: large, medium and small. Many people think that if we buy a small one it is not enough the light to illuminate and out of battery quickly. However, you can refer the detail information about the size of survival flashlight as follows:

    • Large type:
      With a large type, you will spend more money to buy it. Actually, the large survival flashlight will be very great for using in a camping party at night. It should be used to illuminate for the whole room. However, it is so big to hold with your hand when you want to find out the way because its weight is heavy.
    • Medium size:
      With a medium type, it is the best choice for your travelling. It is also easy to hold. And you should not use this survival flashlight for illuminate an entire room to save its battery energy.
    • Small size:
      There are many small size even it is as small as a key. Of course this size is very suitable if you want to choose a survival light. You can pick one to serve for your purpose. With this small size you can use it to look some small things or maintenance the machines.
  2. The battery of best survival flashlight

    The battery is extremely important of survival flashlight. It is one of element to decide the lifetime of a survival flashlight. If you want the best survival flashlight must be a bug out bag, the battery has to be careful to pick.

    On the other hand, you should choose a survival flashlight which its battery can replace in the cases the battery runs out or have any trouble about the battery.

    Through reviews of many people after using the best survival flashlight, you should choose the alkaline batteries because they are very popular battery and always more available than high battery kinds like Li-ion battery. About the quality of alkaline battery, it is also very okay to provide enough power during the long time.

    Note: These alkaline batteries have a big disadvantage that after a long time the alkaline battery can be leaked acid and affect to the survival flashlight light. You must check the battery regularly to avoid the leakage or the corrosion. If you see any corrosion of battery, you must change the battery as soon as possible.

  3. The light source of LED

    I am sure that when mention to the survival flashlight, we always notice the LED bulb. The light of LED bulb is also the important factor for choosing his best survival flashlight. It must be bright, clear and long.

    It is best to have a focused light beam and a good reflection. You can adjust this light beam as you want.

Some Features Of The Best Survival Flashlight

Nowadays, there are many manufactures for survival flashlights with a lot of models, sizes, shapes and price. Somewhat, they also make you feel the embarrassment while selecting and buying. Here are some features for the best survival flashlight, you can base on them to pick the best one.

  • What is your purpose to use the best survival flashlight? It is very important question before you decide to buy.
  • The best survival flashlight must have a lot of brightness setting to help you can adjust the light of LED and save the lifetime of battery.
  • The focused light beam setting will be very useful in some cases such as: blinding attackers and for your signaling purposes.
  • With the survival flashlight, you should only buy a small size to help you can the bug out bag. Although they are small they have full of essential features to help you in the emergencies.

In conclusion, the most important elements to choose the best survival flashlight which you should keep in your mind are the quality, weight, size, the battery and LED light. These factors combined with your using properly will help this equipment to get the high durability. In addition, you must buy this product at the famous brands to prevent the fakes because today, many China products can imitate the genuine products sophisticatedly. If you do not have the good knowledge as well as the experience about the best survival flashlight, you will be tricked or bought the wrong. I hope you will get more information about selecting the best survival flashlight which it will make you satisfy.

Some Important Notes When Using The Camping Stoves

We should know that cooking in camp is not easy and it is different from at home. There are many impacts directly from the nature such as: sun, wind, rain,…And if you have a long camp in outside or far place in the rainy days without the decent camping stove, the good chef are also tied.

Having a camp it means that you will cook in outdoor. Outdoor cooking is the best opportunity for us to practice and demonstrate the cooking talent and skills. If you go to camp with a group, outdoor cooking plays an extremely important role but not less interesting. So choosing an appropriate camping stove is very necessary. Actually, many people still think that they can bring any stoves which they can help them cook food and they do not care its technical properties. It is completely wrong thinking because you can meet many difficult problems while using the camping stoves.

In my opinion, I have experienced about some camps and picnic I know that a good camping stove will contribute the success of my trip. So I want to introduce the technical properties and some notes when using the camping stoves for you.

Technical Properties Of The Camping Stoves

If you are the leader of a group in your camp, you must have the good arrangements about plan, preparation, organization, management and control everything…Of course you must ask someone to prepare the appropriate camping stoves to serve the outdoor meals. You should encourage to bring the good stoves. Besides, you can suggest some models of the suitable camping stoves to those who have the responsibility for preparing the camping stoves.

Once you have decided on a type of the camping stove, you should compare the models based on the following technical properties:

  • The burn time: you must consider that how long burning stove with a certain amount of fuel.
  • The average boil time: It means the necessary time to boil one liter of water at the normal temperature about 21 degrees Celsius to the boiling temperature (was measured based on the average time of 3 times water heating.
  • The number of liters of water can be boiled (per 100g of fuel): this index is only correct when the camping stove is full of fuel.

    Note: you should know that using a camping stove when less fuel will bring higher efficiency than the stoves with full of fuel.

All of the technical properties will have in the guidebook when buying a camping stove but you can make the question to the salesman at the shop before you decide to choose an appropriate one.

Knowing the technical information will help you can estimate the fuel use for your camping trip. Besides, you will see the differences between the camping stoves and the common cooking stoves.

Some Notes For Using The Camping Stoves

When you buy some devices which they relate to electricity, fire….you should know how to use them in the safe. Using the camping stove is also essential to prevent some accidents in our life. So you need to know some notes below:

Canister Stove

Canister Stove.

For canister stoves:

  • Warning: Do not use the stove inside the tent or in the enclosed space because it can cause the carbon monoxide poisoning and increase the risk of fire,
  • Checking for the leak in the fuel pipes, valves and fitting before setting up the fire,
  • Should use the camping stove on the flat surfaces as possible,
  • When cooking, it is better to use the lid to the pot.

Besides, two kinds of camping stoves which they are widely used now are canister stove and liquid fuel stove. I want to give some notes for these types.

  • New gas cylinder of canister stoves often has a little air at the top; after the end of this gas escapes the fuel can spill out and catch fire,
  • You should never use the windshield for canister stoves because the gas cylinder of canister stove will become hot and lead to the burst into flames if you make the gas bottle so enclosed. Therefore, you should control the heat of gas bottle regularly by your hand
  • You always carry a match- box to use in case the ignition does not work.
Liquid fuel Stove

Liquid fuel Stove.

For liquid fuel stoves:

  • It should not fill the fuel to the mouth of the bottle because fuel will expand when it is hot. You let a little space to avoid the increasing of pressure in the fuel bottle.
  • Using alcohol to ignite fuel, this helps your liquid fuel stoves is not clogged with the soot.
  • You should use the windshield for this stove,
  • You can use the heat exchange equipment for cold weather or long journeys. This device helps to boil water rapidly and save a lot of fuel,
  • You must be careful exposed to fuel and do not it poured onto the skin, especially in extremely cold weather this can cause the skin necrosis because this fuel will dry so quickly,
  • After finishing your camp and do not use the liquid fuel stove in some months later, you must take out all fuel until you want to reuse. This way will help you preserve fuel better.

In summary, preparing the camping stoves are not the most important thing for a camp or picnic but it is also really necessary to choose the suitable stoves to ensure the safety as well as to avoid the dangerous risk during your cooking at the campsite. Many people only note how to use the camping stove which they forget to read the specification information of this product. However, understanding well about technical properties will help you be easy to use the stove and have the solutions to handle if it happens some incidents. I believe that you will satisfy and have more experience about the stamping stove through this article. Hope you will find out a suitable camping stove for your camp.

What Size Camping Stove Should You Buy?

If you are going for camping you, the first things come in your mind is your meal. How will you make your food from outside? This article will help you to choose your best camping stove. The selection of camping stove depends upon on your group. How many members in your group? And you need easy to handle and lightweight stove, instant working stove. Here are some tips regarding to choose best and suitable camping stove for you.

First of all, you need to know how many persons in your group. This is the best way to consider which camping stove is good for you?

  • For 4 or 5 group members: if your group is not more than 4 persons and if you are going for a few days, then you should buy two burner stove, this is perfect for you. This will give you instant food cooking options. It is small and easy to carry and big fuel tank.
  • More than 5 group members: if your group is more than 5 people, then you should buy The Pro 90, it has three powerful burners and two “prep trays,” which has more space for camping kitchen. But there is one more thing it requires more energy and maintenance. But it is best for a large group, and easy to assemble. It’s give you more space to cook.

By cooking demand of food: The Pro 90 is one of the best things to consider according to your cooking demand of food. Basically two burner stove gives you ample of energy for cooking.

What Should Your Camping Stove Must Have?

Here are some points regarding the quality of your camping stove here we will discuss about the quality of a camping stove:

  • Wind Resistance: the first thing your stove must have is wind resistance you don’t want to take your stove off during cooking.
  • Power full burner: your stove should have a power full burner which helps you to make you instantly.
  • Fuel tank: another most important thing is that stove fuel tank which enables you to give long time duration for making food.
  • Fuel: next thing that fuel should buy a stove which fuel is easy to avail.

I hope all these tips will help you to buy a best camping stove, have a nice and happy camp!

The Trick to Making Nearly 100% Clear Ice at Home

We go to bars and restaurants for comfort food and amazing drinks, you must have noticed that the glass filled with your drink has ice in it but it is relatively hard to tell as they blend in quite well. Bars and restaurants use distilled water or purified water for that matter.

You must be wondering, why the ice that we make at our homes is usually cloudy or a bit hazy? Or whether we can make clear ice at our homes or not? The answer to the first question is that. There is a certain amount of impurities present in tap water or regular water, such as calcium, nitrate, salt, cholramines, and microorganisms.

Now coming to the second question I would like to would like to answer it by providing you various methods through which you will be able to make clear ice at home easily without much hassle

  1. Method No.1
    • Boiling: boiling the regular water once, then let it cool and then again boil it, this will remove all sorts of impurities from the water and then when you have boiled the water second time, cover it with a lid till it becomes lukewarm. After the boiled water comes down to the room temperature pour it into the ice trays and put it into the freezer, the end result will be crystal clear ice.
    • Use mineral water: use of packaged drinking water or the mineral water being used for making ice can also give desired results for making crystal clear ice. As packaged water is treated for impurities and doesn’t contain any that is why it is a good pick for making clear ice. But the boiled water will also give produce similar results.
    • Using lid cover: now, we have boiled water poured in ice trays, in this step we are going to use a plastic foil which is used as a lid to cover the ice tray so that air doesn’t enter water and cause any kind of haziness or lead to the formation of air bubbles. Remember to let the water cool down properly so that while you are covering the ice tray with the plastic foil it doesn’t get melted and gets stuck to the ice tray. Now you can keep it in the freezer.
    • Result: take out the tray and take remove the plastic foil slowly and carefully, empty the tray to obtain the crystal clear ice.
  2. Method No.2
    • Cooler: we need to have a cooler in order to get the ice made through this process. A standard cooler that we use for camping or picnic purposes will do just fine, but make sure it fits in your freezer.
    • Placing the trays: now we need to put the trays inside the cooler filled with boiled water, make sure you can put as many trays as you want to obtain the sufficient amount of ice. This will actually help in forming the ice layer by layer which prevents the ice from getting cloudy or hazy.
    • Pouring of water: as we have placed the ice trays and mould inside the cooler, we now need to pour in some water in the cooler too, this is done in order to maintain the uniformity in freezing, because the cool air tends to freeze the sides or the bottom surfaces first, due to this the layer by layer freezing does not take place properly and the ice cubes become white or hazy. Water inside the cooler prevents this from happening.
    • Placing with the lid off: now as we put the cooler inside the freezer we don’t need to put the lid on the cooler, as you know cooler doesn’t let the anything in or out of it, so to get the cooling inside it. We need to take off the lid or if it is not removable then make sure that the lid remains open by sticking a towel near the lid joints of the box so that the lid doesn’t get closed on its own.
    • Removing the ice: take out the cooler from the freezer and then take the big chunk of ice out of the cooler with your ice trays and moulds frozen in it. Delicately separate the ice trays from the ice and then take the ice cubes out from them, you will notice a thin white layer on top of each cube, please don’t panic, just leave the ice cubes out for a minute or so, the cloudy layer will melt away on its own leaving you with crystal clear ice.

I hope you these tricks will help you in making your own crystal clear ice, without using any fancy techniques; they are purely simple and will get you good results.