What Size Camping Stove Should You Buy?

If you are going for camping you, the first things come in your mind is your meal. How will you make your food from outside? This article will help you to choose your best camping stove. The selection of camping stove depends upon on your group. How many members in your group? And you need easy to handle and lightweight stove, instant working stove. Here are some tips regarding to choose best and suitable camping stove for you.

First of all, you need to know how many persons in your group. This is the best way to consider which camping stove is good for you?

  • For 4 or 5 group members: if your group is not more than 4 persons and if you are going for a few days, then you should buy two burner stove, this is perfect for you. This will give you instant food cooking options. It is small and easy to carry and big fuel tank.
  • More than 5 group members: if your group is more than 5 people, then you should buy The Pro 90, it has three powerful burners and two “prep trays,” which has more space for camping kitchen. But there is one more thing it requires more energy and maintenance. But it is best for a large group, and easy to assemble. It’s give you more space to cook.

By cooking demand of food: The Pro 90 is one of the best things to consider according to your cooking demand of food. Basically two burner stove gives you ample of energy for cooking.

What Should Your Camping Stove Must Have?

Here are some points regarding the quality of your camping stove here we will discuss about the quality of a camping stove:

  • Wind Resistance: the first thing your stove must have is wind resistance you don’t want to take your stove off during cooking.
  • Power full burner: your stove should have a power full burner which helps you to make you instantly.
  • Fuel tank: another most important thing is that stove fuel tank which enables you to give long time duration for making food.
  • Fuel: next thing that fuel should buy a stove which fuel is easy to avail.

I hope all these tips will help you to buy a best camping stove, have a nice and happy camp!