5 Essential Tips To Calm A Dog For Grooming

Most of the people think it is a responsibility to take care of your dog. Bathing, grooming, cutting nails is the things we must do, and you think your dog should happily take it. In fact, these to your dog is the threats, they scare everything strange to them. As you can see, hardly a dog wags their tail when they are groomed. It is dog natural, however, if we try, we can change it, here are tips that will make you feel helpful.

Touching and massaging your dog frequently

If you feel it is hard to touch your dog, well, grooming them will more times harder. You need to create the bound between you and the dog. Without it, grooming your dog is nearly an impossible mission. Your dog will need to trust you; let you touch them before you intend to shave their coat.

Massaging your dog is a good way to give your dog time to get used to the touching. They can relax while you doing that. You can massage all their body as it is necessary for grooming work. As you groom your dog, you will move around their body, head, legs, tails, tummy,…

They actually don’t like it!!! If they resist, do not repeat right away, try to do it on the other time. If you insist on doing it, they will think you harm them. Take it easy, do not get hurried, you have plenty of time to prepare for the grooming.

Let them accept the grooming tools

The dog is unpleasant with the grooming tools, you need to let them discover the tools, it means that your dog should feel safe about the tools. In nature, the loud sound is the signal of the threat, when they hear the thunderous sound of the clippers, it is same. They need to figure out that is normal, there not thing to worry about it. Find the best professional dog clippers will cost more but it worth the money.

Some people share that scissoring or turning on the clippers before trimming and clipping their dog will draw their attention for a while, after that, they are boring, they do not care about it anymore. Some also suggest that you should do the grooming when your dog has just exercise because they are too exhausted to resist.

Choosing place is a matter

You can change the location you groom your dog from time to time. You might think this is nonsense, but not for your dog. The grooming repeats on the same location that will recall his bad feeling. These memories will make them think that every time you groom them, they will get hurt. Even though there is not thing happen to them because you are more careful than the last time, your dog is still nervous.
Changing place Is really worth it as your dog will not associate their new experience with something happen in the past. Consequently, they will not conclude that grooming is that scare, make your grooming work become so hard.

Do not use the leash

You might hear the advice from somebody that dog will move, they can run away from you when they hear the clipper sound. Help yourself, put a leash on your dog. That is not actually true. You should think back as it is really needed for your dog? If your dog is not too energetic, take it out since your dog will upset because of the leash.

Leave your dog free, they will appreciate that. It is clear that you feel completely uncomfortable and displeased when you have to remain one position for a long time, same for your dog. Don’t make them suffer that, it is unfair.
Also, you will need some position as well. Being in front of or on one side of your dog is okay, Nevertheless, never stand above them and hold them down.

Give them the treat

The treat is an important thing to keep your dog calm. You can feed them some food, which should be their favorite one. They need to be a reward because they desert that. You can give them the all treat after the task is done or in the other way, divide the food, give them a reward after a bath, brushing, and grooming. It depends on you, but make sure you reward them, this will change their thinking about grooming.

If your dog is overweight, toys are the alternative reward for your dog can be the toy, do not think the toy is not as attractive as the food. They love to be fed, but they even prefer playing. Playing with them will make them ease, they also need to release their energy. A good toy will be a good treat for them, food is the basis, they have more need than just the food, like you.