Some Important Notes When Using The Camping Stoves

We should know that cooking in camp is not easy and it is different from at home. There are many impacts directly from the nature such as: sun, wind, rain,…And if you have a long camp in outside or far place in the rainy days without the decent camping stove, the good chef are also tied.

Having a camp it means that you will cook in outdoor. Outdoor cooking is the best opportunity for us to practice and demonstrate the cooking talent and skills. If you go to camp with a group, outdoor cooking plays an extremely important role but not less interesting. So choosing an appropriate camping stove is very necessary. Actually, many people still think that they can bring any stoves which they can help them cook food and they do not care its technical properties. It is completely wrong thinking because you can meet many difficult problems while using the camping stoves.

In my opinion, I have experienced about some camps and picnic I know that a good camping stove will contribute the success of my trip. So I want to introduce the technical properties and some notes when using the camping stoves for you.

Technical Properties Of The Camping Stoves

If you are the leader of a group in your camp, you must have the good arrangements about plan, preparation, organization, management and control everything…Of course you must ask someone to prepare the appropriate camping stoves to serve the outdoor meals. You should encourage to bring the good stoves. Besides, you can suggest some models of the suitable camping stoves to those who have the responsibility for preparing the camping stoves.

Once you have decided on a type of the camping stove, you should compare the models based on the following technical properties:

  • The burn time: you must consider that how long burning stove with a certain amount of fuel.
  • The average boil time: It means the necessary time to boil one liter of water at the normal temperature about 21 degrees Celsius to the boiling temperature (was measured based on the average time of 3 times water heating.
  • The number of liters of water can be boiled (per 100g of fuel): this index is only correct when the camping stove is full of fuel.

    Note: you should know that using a camping stove when less fuel will bring higher efficiency than the stoves with full of fuel.

All of the technical properties will have in the guidebook when buying a camping stove but you can make the question to the salesman at the shop before you decide to choose an appropriate one.

Knowing the technical information will help you can estimate the fuel use for your camping trip. Besides, you will see the differences between the camping stoves and the common cooking stoves.

Some Notes For Using The Camping Stoves

When you buy some devices which they relate to electricity, fireā€¦.you should know how to use them in the safe. Using the camping stove is also essential to prevent some accidents in our life. So you need to know some notes below:

Canister Stove

Canister Stove.

For canister stoves:

  • Warning: Do not use the stove inside the tent or in the enclosed space because it can cause the carbon monoxide poisoning and increase the risk of fire,
  • Checking for the leak in the fuel pipes, valves and fitting before setting up the fire,
  • Should use the camping stove on the flat surfaces as possible,
  • When cooking, it is better to use the lid to the pot.

Besides, two kinds of camping stoves which they are widely used now are canister stove and liquid fuel stove. I want to give some notes for these types.

  • New gas cylinder of canister stoves often has a little air at the top; after the end of this gas escapes the fuel can spill out and catch fire,
  • You should never use the windshield for canister stoves because the gas cylinder of canister stove will become hot and lead to the burst into flames if you make the gas bottle so enclosed. Therefore, you should control the heat of gas bottle regularly by your hand
  • You always carry a match- box to use in case the ignition does not work.
Liquid fuel Stove

Liquid fuel Stove.

For liquid fuel stoves:

  • It should not fill the fuel to the mouth of the bottle because fuel will expand when it is hot. You let a little space to avoid the increasing of pressure in the fuel bottle.
  • Using alcohol to ignite fuel, this helps your liquid fuel stoves is not clogged with the soot.
  • You should use the windshield for this stove,
  • You can use the heat exchange equipment for cold weather or long journeys. This device helps to boil water rapidly and save a lot of fuel,
  • You must be careful exposed to fuel and do not it poured onto the skin, especially in extremely cold weather this can cause the skin necrosis because this fuel will dry so quickly,
  • After finishing your camp and do not use the liquid fuel stove in some months later, you must take out all fuel until you want to reuse. This way will help you preserve fuel better.

In summary, preparing the camping stoves are not the most important thing for a camp or picnic but it is also really necessary to choose the suitable stoves to ensure the safety as well as to avoid the dangerous risk during your cooking at the campsite. Many people only note how to use the camping stove which they forget to read the specification information of this product. However, understanding well about technical properties will help you be easy to use the stove and have the solutions to handle if it happens some incidents. I believe that you will satisfy and have more experience about the stamping stove through this article. Hope you will find out a suitable camping stove for your camp.

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