The Trick to Making Nearly 100% Clear Ice at Home

We go to bars and restaurants for comfort food and amazing drinks, you must have noticed that the glass filled with your drink has ice in it but it is relatively hard to tell as they blend in quite well. Bars and restaurants use distilled water or purified water for that matter.

You must be wondering, why the ice that we make at our homes is usually cloudy or a bit hazy? Or whether we can make clear ice at our homes or not? The answer to the first question is that. There is a certain amount of impurities present in tap water or regular water, such as calcium, nitrate, salt, cholramines, and microorganisms.

Now coming to the second question I would like to would like to answer it by providing you various methods through which you will be able to make clear ice at home easily without much hassle

  1. Method No.1
    • Boiling: boiling the regular water once, then let it cool and then again boil it, this will remove all sorts of impurities from the water and then when you have boiled the water second time, cover it with a lid till it becomes lukewarm. After the boiled water comes down to the room temperature pour it into the ice trays and put it into the freezer, the end result will be crystal clear ice.
    • Use mineral water: use of packaged drinking water or the mineral water being used for making ice can also give desired results for making crystal clear ice. As packaged water is treated for impurities and doesn’t contain any that is why it is a good pick for making clear ice. But the boiled water will also give produce similar results.
    • Using lid cover: now, we have boiled water poured in ice trays, in this step we are going to use a plastic foil which is used as a lid to cover the ice tray so that air doesn’t enter water and cause any kind of haziness or lead to the formation of air bubbles. Remember to let the water cool down properly so that while you are covering the ice tray with the plastic foil it doesn’t get melted and gets stuck to the ice tray. Now you can keep it in the freezer.
    • Result: take out the tray and take remove the plastic foil slowly and carefully, empty the tray to obtain the crystal clear ice.
  2. Method No.2
    • Cooler: we need to have a cooler in order to get the ice made through this process. A standard cooler that we use for camping or picnic purposes will do just fine, but make sure it fits in your freezer.
    • Placing the trays: now we need to put the trays inside the cooler filled with boiled water, make sure you can put as many trays as you want to obtain the sufficient amount of ice. This will actually help in forming the ice layer by layer which prevents the ice from getting cloudy or hazy.
    • Pouring of water: as we have placed the ice trays and mould inside the cooler, we now need to pour in some water in the cooler too, this is done in order to maintain the uniformity in freezing, because the cool air tends to freeze the sides or the bottom surfaces first, due to this the layer by layer freezing does not take place properly and the ice cubes become white or hazy. Water inside the cooler prevents this from happening.
    • Placing with the lid off: now as we put the cooler inside the freezer we don’t need to put the lid on the cooler, as you know cooler doesn’t let the anything in or out of it, so to get the cooling inside it. We need to take off the lid or if it is not removable then make sure that the lid remains open by sticking a towel near the lid joints of the box so that the lid doesn’t get closed on its own.
    • Removing the ice: take out the cooler from the freezer and then take the big chunk of ice out of the cooler with your ice trays and moulds frozen in it. Delicately separate the ice trays from the ice and then take the ice cubes out from them, you will notice a thin white layer on top of each cube, please don’t panic, just leave the ice cubes out for a minute or so, the cloudy layer will melt away on its own leaving you with crystal clear ice.

I hope you these tricks will help you in making your own crystal clear ice, without using any fancy techniques; they are purely simple and will get you good results.

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